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Fashion Tips To Stay On Top Of The Style Game

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Casual-chic or formals, whatever the dress code for the day is, you always want to look confident, elegant, and STYLISH. Whether you are a devoted follower of the trends or like to keep it simple by sticking to the tried and tested classic ensembles, like a basic tee and well-fitted jeans, ensuring all your OTTs are fashion police approved is easy. You just need to know a few styling tips. We will share five helpful tips that will make you look incredibly stylish. But before that, just a heads up, we have got a trendy collection of party wear top online for you beautiful ladies.

  1. Work on your personal style

Having a signature style will help you turn heads and get loads of compliments. If you feel developing a personal style is a tad overwhelming, creating a moodboard will help you get started. Finding a signature style is like an experiment; you don’t know what will look amazing on you until you see it on yourself in front of the mirror. Be patient while working on your personal style. Play with textures and colors until you find what suits you the best.

  1. Wear nicely fitted clothes

A simple trick to ensure you look effortlessly stylish is to always wear clothes that are tailored to perfection. Dresses bunching up awkwardly from sides and pants dragging on the ground will bring your style quotient down. That does not mean over-sized clothing items look sloppy; you just need to adorn them fashionably. For instance, if you buy a women’s top online that is slightly over-sized, pair it up with skinny-fit jeans.

  1. Play with textures and patterns

Do not feel afraid to mix prints and textures. You can actually make a bold fashion statement by doing that. Choose low-key textures, such as knits and leather, and neutral patterns, such as stripes, to start. Add some paisleys and sequins; think a tie, scarf, or clutch. Experiment, and you will find what looks awesome on you.

  1. Explore colors

Adding a pop of color to your ensembles will make you look fresh and stylish, especially during spring and summer. If you have not played around with colors that much, you can start with a single colorful piece while keeping the rest of the ensemble neutral. You will eventually learn color combinations that work just right for you.

  1. Create a go-to capsule wardrobe

Every girl must have reliable wardrobe staples that she can rock on any day. Some must-haves are a couple of perfectly fitting jeans, basic tops and t-shirts, button-down shirts, and a classy leather jacket. Invest in a capsule collection of basics that can be mixed and matched; putting together comfortably stylish ensembles will never be a task again.

Take away

A crucial part of staying on top of the style game is to shop right. When investing in clothing items, remember that the motto is not to have a closet full of clothes but to have a collection that never fails to bring out the inner fashionista in you.

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