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4 Easy Tricks To Style Your Red Dress

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We all need a red dress (or a few) in our wardrobes. It is both sexy and romantic. It is the perfect piece to wear to a lunch date and then effortlessly transition to a night out on town. The color red also flatters all skin tones and exudes a sense of power and confidence. And what’s more, it is a timeless classic, which means you can buy a red dress now and not have to worry about it going out of style in a few years. There’s actually nothing to not love about a beautiful red dress. And with lockdown restrictions gradually lifting and events and parties beginning to crawl back into our social calenders, there’s surely a need to dive into our closets and pull out our favorite scarlet frocks. And we are here to solve all your styling needs. Here are a few ways you can style a red dress, no matter its shape, silhouette, length or print:

  1. Wear with anything black

If you are wondering which hues work best with red, look no further than black. While some would consider it to be a safe choice, we believe black and red make for an elegant and classic combination. You can pair your red dress with black heels, black tights, black bags, and black sunglasses, and create a winning outfit every time. For the colder months, even a pair of black boots can work wonders.

  1. Accessorize with gold jewelry

Gold is a classic metal and can be easily worked into your red dress outfit. Since both red and gold are warm hues, they complement each other and make quite the statement when put together. Whether you go for simple gold chains or some bold earrings, you can use your gold jewelry to enhance the vibrant color of your dress.

  1. Give it a casual spin

For all those days when you want to spot your little red dress but don’t want to look too dressed up, adding some casual touches should do the trick. Put on a pair of white sneakers, add a cute headband and a crossbody bag in a neutral color, and you are good to go. You can also swap out the sneakers for strappy flats for a more feminine feel.

  1. Go all red from head to toe

This styling trick is a surefire way to stand out in the crowd. Bring out your inner sartorial goddess and dress in all red head to toe. You can pick one shade of red or mix up the tones and textures to add dimension to the look. If you want to break the monochrome effect, you can add a small accessory, like sunglasses or a clutch, in black.

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